Structural Steel Detailing



Accuracy and Information are our main focus when it comes to modeling and detailing projects to minimize unnecessary errors for the workshop and site.
Full or partial services available, VLE will assist according to your requirements.

Engineer Drawings
VLE provides Engineer Drawings, (apart from shop detailing).  Using Revit-model from Engineer, we create connections and any additional steel work to finalize modeling.  Drawings are generated with plan views, elevations, sections and connection details.

3D Modeling, Structural Concept & Connection Design
VLE provides Structural Concept Design - taking your "idea" to a 3D visual representation.
By importing a Revit-model, we will assists in the design of practical and effective steel connections. 
Multiple exports available to view your 3D Model.
Interoperability with Revit, AutoCAD Plant 3D, Robot Structural Analysis and MIS software such as FabTrol & StruMIS, etc.

General Arrangements and Assembly Drawings
GA's are automatically generated on A1 drawings with plan view, elevations, sections, including 3D-view.
Single assemblies, generated on A3 drawings for a more effective fabrication process.
(Multi-Assemblies generated on A1 with selected section views also available on request).

Parts are generated each separately on A4 drawings to ease fabrication process.

Developments and Pipe-wraparounds
Each generated on A1 drawings, depending on template fitting size.

We provide a Material List, Assembly List, Loading List, Bolt/ Anchor List, Bolt/ Anchor Erection List, Drawing List and Assemblies with Attached Parts List. Grating List will be provided where necessary.

Additionally Included
NC/ DXF files for cutting and drilling.
Exported AutoCAD drawings.

Should there be any other related questions or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.