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Seemingly Simplistic - Highly Technical

The Peace Bridge was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.  A double helix tubular truss for both pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Images-2.jpgThe design required a different approach, due to the strict requirements with no piers in the riverbed or vertical elements above, and with a restricted height - resulting in its tubular form.  Seemingly simplistic at first glance, but according to Calatrava, this is a highly technical bridge.

The helical structure with glass roof and integrated linear lighting for night-time illumination, consists of about 850 metric-tonnes of steel.  Total length of the red and white bridge is 130.6 meters, with a height of 5.85 meters and a width of 6.2 meters, (3.7 meters for pedestrians and 2.5 meters for the cycle-way).

Today, this bridge is being used by approximately 6000 people a day.


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